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Show the Truth of Abortion

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Show the Truth (STT) makes its first appearance in Canada. Rosemary, accompanied by three other individuals, take four signs to city hall in St. Thomas. This resulted in their arrest and a court case regarding the legality of the images.

Showing the humanity of the child in the womb & the inhumanity of abortion.


STT has its first summer tour. Something that will carry on each July and August to date.


STT experiences its largest demonstration to date. Peterborough Ontario is overwhelmed with 125 people showing the truth of abortion.

Rosemary Connell, founder of Show the Truth, began in 1997. Her goal was to show abortion victim photography to the Canadian public until the injustice of abortion came to an end.

Now, almost two decades later, STT has grown from one woman to over 100 dedicated volunteers across Canada. Based out of Ontario, STT has seen change happen everywhere we go.

Our strategy is to show the images of aborted children to the public in the form of large signs depicting first and second trimester abortions. We focus on vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and frequently show the signs outside of high schools.


STT makes its first out-of-province tour. A bus of about 40 people travel to the maritimes to show abortion victim photography in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Our Team

Rosemary Connell Rosemary Connell

Fr. Tony Van Hee

Fr. Tony Van Hee

Founder & Leader

Spiritual Leader

Rosemary began STT in 1997 after traveling to the USA and participating in Face the Truth. This inspired her to bring the strategy to Canada. She was the first person in Canada to bring the images to the public square.

Fr. Tony began showing abortion images on Parliament Hill in Septemer 1989, being a year-round presence. He later began participating in STT, providing confessions to people on the street, counsel, and daily mass for participants on tour.