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Showing the humanity of the child in the womb & the inhumanity of abortion.

Friday, July 2006: Re- Your Pamphlet.

I recently heard about your “disturbing” pictures.

I was incredibly up at arms about them. I felt you had gone too far.

As a mother of two, and as a woman who has lost a child due to a miscarriage I have always been against abortion. Life begins at the beginning.

But…. I really felt you were way out of bounds. Then I went on your web site and downloaded your pamphlet.


Those images will be with me for a lifetime. It took a lot of courage to put that together. I have never been so emotionally impacted. Not as much saddened but a feeling that you hit the mark perfectly. I can not imagine how anyone could have an abortion after seeing those images. It was incredibly factual, and done very well..

When my children are older I would not have a problem sharing those images with them.

I thought you should know that I think you have done a good job.



Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Baby Saved at March for Life, Ottawa, 2010:

At the March for Life in Ottawa on May 10, Phil and I joined the Show the Truth people on the sidewalk at the base of the Hill. A woman came along pushing a stroller and she veered over to better see the photo on my sign. When she saw it she winced and sounded shocked. She came over to talk to me and I expected her to tell me a thing or two. Well she did, but not what I had anticipated…she told me that a few years ago she was pregnant and set to have an abortion, firm in her decision - then she saw our signs as the March was going by and couldn’t do it.

The little two year old boy, in the stroller she was pushing, was the little one saved that day by the Show the Truth pictures! She told me she is six months pregnant with her second baby and is SO happy! She looked beautiful and her little boy looked very content.

This May 10th was Phil’s and my 10th anniversary. What a wonderful anniversary gift the Lord gave us…to be able to know once again that Show the Truth saves babies! We are so fortunate to be able to stand with such a brave bunch of people in the struggle to save lives. To me, this is proof that Show the Truth is needed at the March for Life as much as anywhere else.

Yours affectionately,

Elaine Arnsby