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Show the Truth of Abortion

Show the Truth is a strategy that is used all across Ontario. Contact us to get more involved and join a community of people who are dedicated to showing abortion victim photography.

To volunteer at any of the events below, contact us and we will direct you to the individual organizing them. Please make sure you see our Code of Conduct and Statement of Committment to Non-Violence prior to joining. It is imperative that you provide these documents, signed, to the organizer if you wish to participate.

Code of Conduct & Statement of Commitment to Non-Violence Code of Conduct & Statement of Commitment to Non-Violence

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Showing the humanity of the child in the womb & the inhumanity of abortion.


August 2014 Tour

August 2014 Tour

Beginning on August 3 and ending on August 14, STT will be going on an annual summer tour to show the Canadian public the visual reality of abortion. This summer's tour is full, though you can follow our progess on Twitter and Facebook, as we share testimonies from the road, pictures of our daily showings, and videos of conversations.

Port Perry Labor Day Weekend

Port Perry Labor Day Weekend

STT will be going to Port Perry this Labor Day weekend, as we have for the past several years now. Locals invite us into town to show abortion images to the high traffic areas in the city. As summer and our holidays come to an end, it is important that we do not forget the 300 chldren that are killed every single day in Canada through legal abortion. If you would like to participate, visit our volunteer page for more information.

High School Showings

High School Showings

With the beginnig of a new school year in September, STT will visit high schools across Ontario to share the visual message that abortion kills children. Why do we take the images to high schools? High schools provide locations for some of the best conversations regarding the truth about aborton. Most students claim to have never seen abortion victim photography before and engage in conversations regarding their opinions on the issue.

Weekends in Ottawa

Weekends in Ottawa

Each month in Ottawa, one Saturday afternoon is dedicated to Showing the Truth. A large group of individuals, led and organized by a dedicated volunteer, gather at a busy interection or high traffc roadway and show abortion victim photgraphy for a few hours. If you are in the area and would like to join them, please see the Volunteer Documents and contact us. We will direct you to the local organizer. You will then need to provide him with the signed forms once present for the showing.

Leslie's Story

I have come to the realization that no matter how uncomfortable it may be, the injustice of abortion needs to be shown before we can expect any change. I have had many conversations with people who have viewed the images. I am amazed that most people are unaware that abortion is completely legal all nine months of pregnancy. Show the Truth (STT) provides an opportunity to educate and change the hearts and minds of people who would otherwise never enter into a conversation about abortion. I am especially grateful for STT because it has given my children the ability to have a clear understanding of the abortion issue and how it relates to the virtue of chastity. Our experience at STT has given us the desire and the confidence to discuss the issue with friends and family members. We look forward to spending a couple of weeks each summer with our "second family". There is a special bond with the people who participate in STT; it is that bond of friendship that comes when you have in common a passion for something greater than each other. Each summer we are recharged to continue fighting for another year for the rights of the unborn.